J. Crew- Who Knew

When I find myself in a mall, I do love checking out J. Crew, and on my last visit into their store in Cherry Creek I was pleasantly surprised at how their designs have morphed from the soccer-mom-stop to feminine, contemporary luxe. Even if it’s tees with floral appliques around the collar, J. Crew has really stepped up to meet their customer’s needs and wants, maybe even drawing in on another demographic-me! I loved the latest catalog to hit my mail box. A few of my dog-earred pages include little colorful cardigans to pair over summer dresses (coverage for visits to the bf’s parents’ house), the “Crackled Copper Pencil Skirt,” a killer piece for work, linene cotton tees, and the “Alecia Platform Peep-Toe” shoes (another purf item for office attire with the perfect height and platform, they look so comfy). I also really took to their feature “Jenna’s Picks,” from a marketing perspective. They had real women, from art directors to a NYC City Ballet dancer, pose for their latest catalog rather than models; far more interesting. I went online today and checked out their bios, all fascinating women who really inspired me today! Especially digging the J. Crew designer Molly Carey and her necklaces, Molly-Hanna. Read bios on all muses here.


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