Team Olivia

Cacthing up on the past season of The City I actually sympathised with Olivia Palermo in her new position at Elle. As opposed to popular tabloid fodder, that Olivia was this ruthless, cold, ice princess of the Upper East Side, a vilain, I actually perceived it the other way around; that Erin Kaplan was the one to be watchful of, and who had a very obvious twinge of jealousy for the highly connected socialite of Manhattan, and recent DUMBO resident, Ms. Palermo. Joe Zee said it best, “She’s a star.” Olivia has innate style and class and seeing her in the episode when she ventures out to search for the latest in accesories for Elle Magazine’s “A to Zee” special, and chats with the equally darling Rachel Roy, I can’t help but see a sweet, soft spoken girl with immense taste and an enormous social network of fashion conncetions who brings originality and competitin to the conference table at Elle. So, correct Kaplan is in seeing Palermo as a threat, whom is an asset really, at least from the footage we see. I wasn’t the only one to Google, “Is Olivia Palermo Still at Elle,” but from the recent pics on Celebrity-Gossip from London Fashion Week 2010, and the comment that she was photographed sitting next to her boss Joe Zee, I do believe they had enough sense to keep the accessories princess on the payroll. See the latest photos of the perfectly decked out, petite Palermo below. The shoes, the jewels, the bags…no one can deny she knows how to accessorize. Visit Fashionair to see video clip of the darling in action in Manhattan.

At London Fashion Week- That Jacket!- Photo Courtesy of Celbrity-Gossip

At the Elle Style Awards- Photo Courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip

At the F/W Tibi Fashion Show

At Ports 1961- Photo Courtesy of the Bag Snob

At Naomi Campbell's Fashion Relief for Haiti Fashion Show- Courtesy of Getty Images


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