Anna Dello Russo. Period.

I have given up. Rather, I am not going to attempt to track, share, repot and follow all the NY A/W 2010 fashion shows, as there are a dozen a day, and it’s almost over, and I am only one person with very little “free” time to comment. However, I will post this, that Italian-born fashion director of Vogue Nippon editor Anna Dello Russo is a unique, original, exquisite woman who is above fashion bloggers who post pictures of themselves in outfits. Whew! Ms. Russo’s words resonnate with me; Thou shalt not take cheap, self-point-and-shoot-mirror shots from this day forward.

A low down on some of Anna Dello Russo’s stats: 15 degrees Celsius (the perfect temp to store all her clothes), two (rooms to store all her clothes at home in Milan), two (suitcases packed for NY fashion week) thousands (of shoes), two to three (changes during fashion week), three hours (of yoga and swimming a day), one (times she wears a fashion piece if it’s photgraphed). And as for the ever questionable airport attire, she says Abercrombie sweats are a “Do!” There is room for one more thing in Ms. Russo’s life, a boyfriend, just not in her apartment; there isn’t any room afterall with a library of shoes. Read more on The Cut. Watch a video of how to pack a wardrobe like anna Dello Russo’s here. Anna Dello Russo’s detest for personal style bloggers on The Cut.

Anna Dello Russo at the Marc Jacobs A/W 2010 NY show- courtesy of Patrick McMullan


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One Response to “Anna Dello Russo. Period.”

  1. Angela See, Angela Blog Says:

    She’s amazing there’s no doubt about it!


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