Olympic Denim

U.S. 2010 Olympic Snowboarding Half Pipe Team- Picture Courtesy of Nick Hamilton

If you’ve been watching the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver as I have, you may have noticed winter sportswear trends splashed against the stark, white snow. For instance, the U.S. snowboarding half pipe team, mens and womens, decked out in denim. Of course it’s waterproof “Gortex”, snowboard-pant fabric, but it’s Burton’s clever way of putting our American, Levi’s wearing, mark on the half pipe. Burton designed the plaid jacket and denim uniforms for the U.S. team.

The Creative director at Burton, Greg Dacyshyn describes the inspiration. “…classic Americana. Although we are creating a uniform, our first objective is to express the individuality of snowboarding. As such, we are taking vintage American looks and interpreting them in a very unique and unexpected fashion. Finally, we will ensure that all of the highest technical attributes are maintained in the pieces, so that performance and function are not jeopardized. The result will be a progressive and fresh look that challenges the former conservatism of the Olympics.” Found after a search for an image of the pants, on DORO Design. Photos and quote found on High Snobiety as well.


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