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Photo of Me for Denver Examiner Article- Photo by Renee Mudd

A couple years ago Renee Mudd of The-Intersection had asked me to do a Style Profile interview with her for a write up she did for the Denver Fashion Examiner. Here’s what I answered then, and here’s where I’m at today.

Occupation/What pays the bills?
I’ll be attending the business school at CU Denver in the Fall for my degree in marketing, but I currently work part time at Diesel, and I’ve been doing some visual merchandising, help with buying, and retail work for the boutique Red Door Swingin’ in the LoHi neighborhood. I wrote some fashion pieces for, and would love to explore somethinglike that again. I’d fancy a little dabbling with wardrobe styling, and I will have a career in branding with an awesome agency someday. I’m a full time student at CU Denver as a Communication Major, Legal Studies Minor, and I work for O3B Networks.

How would you describe your personal style?
Unpredictable. One day I’ll be in a vintage skirt suit at the office, and the next I’m in a funky Gsus track jacket, GAP tee, skinny’s and fringe moccasin boots like today.

Style Icons?
I still have to say Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, and Gwen Stefani, but I must add Giovanna Battaglia, Emmanuelle Alt, Beyonce, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Caroline Seiber.

Favorite designers?
If I had the budget: Nicholas Ghesquiere of BALENCIAGA is my fave!!!! I’m loving what Albert Elbaz has been doing with Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Prada (loving the crystals on the shoes and bags!) and Miu Miu (have you seen those dove printed platforms?!), the newcomer Alexander Wang- (sweatpants never looked this good), the revived Balmain (that military jacket and cargo pants!), and did I mention- Balenciaga?! Can’t forget Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi and Chanel- Spring 2010 is his best yet! Loving Marc Jacobs’ work on Louis Vuitton lately too; tasseled mules and fluorescent straps against the brown logo print is fresh and funky.

Current favorite trend?
Currently it’s the blazer, and a chunky gold men’s watch, although I had an actual men’s Kenneth Cole watch like 6 years ago before the trend caught on, and I’ve always worn blazers or jackets with everything.

December 2009- Glorianna Schinagl

Personal style quirk?

Off kilter accessories like laser cut, gold acetate ice cream cone earrings, they were actually a gift from a friend who owned Ella Boutique in Danville, outsdie of SF. I also have copper saw earrings from Fancy Tiger, and I love these gold and green mod earrings my best friend Dani bought me from NYC. I have been wearing sentimental pieces lately. I wear a Citrine by the Stones necklace often as it goes with everything and is actually very simple. They say citrine stones bring money and fortune; I got it 5 or 6 years ago and it’s the perfect necklace. I have also been wearing an evil eye bracelet that my friend Hossana brought back for me from Turkey, and one of those purple, rubber bracelets that says “Believe,” that my stepmother Lucille gave me when my brother was in the hospital a few years ago. I’ve also started wearing a tiny gold, onyx and diamond ring my Daddy bought me when I was a freshman in high school as a reward for being number one in my class. I thought it didn’t fit!

At Beta- October 2009- Glorianna Schiangl

I feel most confident wearing…
Clothes that fit well in general, no particular silhouette.

I would never be caught wearing…
We’ve all seen the Family Guy “Cankle” episode, well, unfortunately, I posses that unfavorable trait, but it seems we all evolve with our sense of style! In my interview with Renee I said I would never wear some things but, I actually bought a pair of tan trousers, cropped at the ankle, high-waist, with pleats, from the thrift store and wear them to work paired with a Ralph Lauren, floral, button down and brown, round toed heels. I also did buy a pair of espadrille wedges, so the self consciousness of my “cankles” has either subsided, or I just don’t care anymore.

Alibi- 2008- Glorianna Schinagl

Best fashion advice? (either received or to give)
My momma recently told me where a men’s pant leg should properly break; that was helpful. Some trends are not for everyone. If you wear leggings, make sure you’re wearing a long enough tunic, dress or blouse to cover your buns.

San Fran- Summer 2009-Glorianna Schinagl

I splurge on…
Coffee. I treat myself to coffee most days. I’ve been spending on less expensive items more often; the reverse of the usual recession spender.

Next must have purchase?
Looking for the perfect casual military coat, black knee high riding boots, and for the apartment- night stands and lamps.

Tech obsession?
I still don’t own an i-pod and I’m happy to say I’m a PC so no i-anythings here. I am on FB here and there, I’m not an avid texter, but do love my Blackberry Curve. I hate the phrase, “I’m obsessed” anyhow, so none I guess. Well, blogging would be missed.

On my balcony- Summer 2009- Glorianna Schiangl

What do you typically purchase at the Newsstand?
I have a subscription to W but I’ll pick up an occasional Vogue, Elle, Oyster, Pop, or ID, or other inspirational issue of a fashion magazine, and Communication Arts quarterly. I really loved Dwell and Cookie before both flopped because of the economy last year. I love Living Etc. for interior design inspiration. For fashion at Tattered Cover I like Numero and V. I love Grace Coddington’s editorials in Vogue and I’m loving Elle’s layouts and content.

Favorite beauty/skincare products?
Eeek… I’m pretty low maintenance….I love Dove products and Eucerine face lotion. I LOVE this perfect shade of lip gloss my boyfriend bought me from the Drug store, Wet n’ wild, and it’s the perfect nude, bronze color! When my finances perk up, Kerstase hair products would be a blessing, as well as Yves St. Laurent mascara, which I love! I use Cedafil for the face.

Mazen and I- San Fran- Summer 2009- Glorianna Schinagl

Most treasured item in your closet?
A Gucci purse I splurged on when I was working in mortgage or a black Diesel trench coat, I don’t have anything more sentimental that was passed down from anyone, otherwise that would be here.

Diesel Tranch Coat- May 2007- Photo by Lisa Rodriguez

Local Tailor/Stylist?
I recently found a really good Dry Cleaner by my house called Spring Cleaners. They restored a vintage pencil skirt I had that was part of a suit. I had ripped it getting on a bus, clear up the back. They repaired it and I couldn’t even tell where they had sewed it! They also altered my boyfriend’s jeans and did a wonderful job. They’re on 11th and Lincoln, and they’re really affordable. No stylist- myself! I get inspiration from muses seen online or in magazines.

Favorite places to shop?
Everywhere! A lot of my favorite boutiques have closed, so anywhere I pop in. Violet, Perfect Petal, True Love, Diesel, Anthropology, Forever 21, online and thrift stores. Goal this year is to shop E-Bay more- figure out the tricks of the trade.

New Year's Eve- 2009- Glorianna Schinagl

Favorite local hangout/coffee shop?
It used to be St. Mark’s on 17th and Race or Barnes and Noble on Colorado Blvd., but since I moved and have gone back to school it’s Market (90%), Tattered Cover (5%), and Ink (5%) downtown. I have also been going to Aviano on Lincoln and 9th and Pablo’s on 6th and Washington. When you move, your coffee shops do too!

Grace's Wedding- October 20009- Glorianna Schinagl

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?
What Denverite doesn’t like Sushi Den in Wash Park- best sushi. We frequently go to Shish Kabob Grill in Capital Hill and I recently went to Deluxe on Broadway and was really impressed. I also like Japon for sushi, and Lala’s by my house. Anthony’s pizza on 6th is also our new favorite treat!

Mazen and I- San Fran- Summer 2009- Glorianna Schiangl


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