Writer Square por Americana Apparel

On a quick lunch break Tuesday I ventured a little further than the usual spot, The Market, and crossed 15th Street to the Evil Bean in Writer Square. After slurping down a satisfying cup of chili I popped into American Apparel next door, before heading to class. I am pleased to report that amidst the plaid-patterned leggings and fluorescent unitards, there were several pivotal wardrobe pieces worth blog space. I have several pieces in my closet now that are tricky to wear, primarily because they’re Diesel, but you know the type, tanks with arm holes down to your elbows, or low scoop back tees, or dresses that come a little too close to crossing the line from avant garde to bimbo. Then there’s the whole trend of wearing a men’s blazer, minus the shirt underneath, or the whole obsession with sheer blouses. what’s a girl to do? The answer is American Apparel’s “Tube Bra” a mere $11, and available in a slew of solid colors, the solution to my wardrobe conundrum. Then there is American Apparel’s “Unisex Sailor Stripe Long Sleeved Pullover.” I had posted on this trend a couple months ago, before Elle and Vogue got on the Breton tee band wagon, but none the less, AA’s is an affordable $40. The last piece I fell for was the “Oxford Shirt Dress” from American Apparel. For $52 you can emulate Christopher Bailey’s Burberry Prorsum clad models and pull off two key spring looks, “the trench coat” and “menswear”, in a light, flirty dress. I will admit that the little ballerina in me wanted a couple leotards and a pair of bright yellow leg warmers, but for now, I stuck to the staples and got a black tube bra.

American Apparel's Tube Bra- Photo Courtesy of their website

American Apparel's Striped Pullover- Photo Courtesy of their website

American Apparel's Oxford Shirtdress- Photo Courtesy of their website


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