Ideal Reflection

Allie Pohl and Glorianna Schinagl- Photo Courtesy Renee Mudd

Allie Pohl sent me this picture of us at the Vertigo exhibit. I’m wearing my purple Ideal Woman necklace Allie designed and if you look closely, no, that is not a stain on my dress, it’s the reflection from Allie’s blinged out version of the Ideal Woman necklace. Miss Pohl wanted to get feedback about the experiences of wearing the necklace: I felt happy, flirty, and confident. No lie- I was in a body hugging grape dress (ARC find) and managed to meander the art gallery sans boyfriend just fine. I even darted into another gallery on the way to the car and met the most interesting couple and saw more amazing art. Was it the necklace guiding me to meet new people and experience new things? Find out what the Ideal Woman Necklace can do for you.


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