Do Go Vertigo

Allie Pohl invited me to stop by Vertigo Art Space, 960 Santa Fe, tonight to help support her and her companions in the “Emerging 4” show. Amazing work by all emerging artists! Sculptures made up of wire, rope and abstract, unplyable objects like lighters, plaztic lids, and disposable shavers were twined together to make human forms with ironnic curves, and hung from the ceiling giving them life. A sculpture of an iron on a shelf with a dangling cord made you ask yourself if it was safe and lured you in to wind it up. There was also a video installation of a ballerina-turned-bird making her nest; a brilliant portrayal of art and nature crossing paths on an LCD flat screen. On the way to the car I snuck into Sync Gallery, 878 Santa Fe, and found myself in front of brilliant paintings by Jason Lee Gimbel, and meeting the most adorable, transient artist couple ever who inspired me, period.

Donevon's cashmere M.O.U.S.E.- Photo by Glorianna Schinagl

H&M Dress Shocker- Photo by Glorianna Schinagl

Three BFA's- Photo by Glorianna Schinagl

His Coat is From John Deer, He is from Iowa- Photo by Glorianna Schinagl

Sculpture at Vertigo- Photo by Glorianna Schinagl

Cute Pair- Photo by Glorianna Schinagl

Hanging Sculptures at Vertigo- Photo by Glorianna Schinagl

Katia Firankova Levanti- a Czech artist and her Italian, Guitarist Hubby at Sync Gallery- Photo by Glorianna Schinagl


One Response to “Do Go Vertigo”

  1. Derek Keenan Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog. I’m always glad to see people representing Denver in a positive way. I’ll keep checking it to see whats new.

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