Born Again…

I have friends who are very ambitious and re-inventive when it comes to their clothing. One friend in particular had plans to alter a black blazer she found at a thrift store by cutting out the back and adding black lace. I told you, ambitious. I found this exact idea complete, minus glue gun strings or holes, tagged, and ready to purchase at Urban Outfitters for less than $100, sorry to deflate you my dear friend. So if you are like me and have found vintage and thrifted pieces in the past, but have passed on them because the re-creation that needed to go into breathing life back into that old denim vest exhausted you just thinking about it, then I have a sweet, second hand, surprise for you. Hyoni Kang, a Korean model who won the 2008 Ford Supermodel of the World competition, and the first Asian to have accomplished such a feat, along with a stylist and photographer friend has recently opened up shop in NYC’s SOHO district on Crosby Street. Hyoni has proved that she’s not just another smiling face in a Lacoste ad, although we love her for that, but also a fabulous designer who knows just where to incorporate that feather shouldered trend into an old, eighties sweater. Fittingly named Reborn Process, after the trio’s designs by the same name, the store features their finds from across the globe that have all have been given the “1-2-3” and uniquely re-created as one-of-a-kind, pieces. Their online shop has just launched so now you and I will have to bookmark their page and add it to our list of thrifting stops. Visit their site to see Hyoni modeling Reborn Processe’s newborn babes. For an interview on Hyoni Kang visit Rag Pony. Below are a few of my favorites as well as a few pics of Hyoni Kang.

Hyoni Kang from an interview on Pony Ryder

Hyoni Kang off duty as seen on Altamira's site

Hyoni Kang Modeling- Picture Courtesy of

Reborn Process- Henry VIII Sweater- $409_ Courtesy of Reborn Process website

Reborn Process- Graphic Dress_$189- Courtesy of Reborn Process Website

Reborn Process- Princess Fur Coat_$579- Courtesy of Reborn Process Website


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  1. leeselooks Says:

    thanks for your sweeeet message girl

    great looking blog

    have a wonderful week! ! !
    + keep warm

    x x x

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