Noodle Candy

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Sorry I haven’t posted anything exciting lately. I had a nice, low key holiday and I hope you all did as well. I received four necklaces for Christmas to jazz up my necky-noodle this new year! One was a chain necklace with different shades of purple pearls hanging on it from my sweet beau. I wore it to grab coffee with the girls at City O City this Sunday and complemented it with a ruffled, purple blouse, found at a thrift store, jeans, pink patent leather, round toed heels, and a metallic purple Big Buddha bag- a whole lotta color for me! A sweet sister, my beau’s sis, named Noura gifted me with an amazing, Chanel-like rope necklace with a big, black rose and beads from New York & Co, who, by the way is having a 70% off sale right now. Very feminine and the perfect accent for work or fun, it’s the perfect necklace! I’ve worn it several times so far including with my Christmas gettup- a black tee, black harem pants and black BCBG boots. I also received a very cool, “Ideal Woman” necklace from my designer friend Renee Mudd, of The-Intersection. The artist, Allie Pohl, is an adorable, pint size, spitfire new on the Denver art scene from New York. Allie Pohl aims to create awareness surrounding societal views of what the “ideal” female body should look like. True to form, the “Ideal Woman” necklace resembles that of a certain plastic girl with a capital “B,” as in Barbie. My necklace is purple, proud and loud, and I can’t wait to wear it. For more information on where you can find an Allie Pohl necklace of your own, or to find out where Pohl’s art is displayed, visit her site. Lastly, I was so excited when on Monday morning I checked my mail before leaving for work and found a Christmas surprise from my best friend Dani Rose in NYC. She sent me a beautiful, gold heart necklace from By Boe on Prince Street in NYC. It’s delicate, modern and will be my new favorite everyday necklace. Dani has THE best taste in jewelery. A visit to Boe’s website today, and I found out that By Boe distributes their amazing jewelery to boutiques dotting across Colorado. From all the major ski towns,Telluride, Aspen, and Crested Butte, and Breckenridge, to Denver, at the Artisan in Cherry Creek, and the floral shop Moss Pink in Park Hill, you too can find a piece of Boe. Thank you so much for the amazing neck candy everyone! I am on an accessories high!

By Boe Heart Necklace- Courtesy of their website

Allie Pohl Necklaces- Courtesy of her website

Chanel Bow Necklace- Similar to My New York & Co.


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