So Long Loft-22…

Bad news to those of you ladies of Larimer Street shopping familiarity, our friends at Loft-22 have decided to pursue other career interests. This is just another sad tale of yet another boutique shutting it’s doors here in Denver, but we wish them the best in their future endeavors. I have no doubts about the very talented owners, Britt and Kelly, landing superb, fab careers. So the sale tags are hung- 30% off on all clothing and shoes. Also, on Christmas Eve, all Larimer shops will have festive treats and drinks, there will be carolers a-singing and free horse drawn carriage rides! Fun!

On the lines of boutique closings, a another sad reporting, The 400, the shop that sold sneaker-head gear had moved to Platte and 15th, and I recently found out from the friendly folks at Emage that they are no longer in business. No sale in sight for them, but head over to Emage for a plethora of low top Nike SB’s and boasting free shipping until 2010!

On good news note, the folks at The Perfect Petal in the Highlands told me last week that the original boutique that started it all for them, Posh, is going to reopen it’s glamorous doors on Larimer Street; most likely where Gelazzi was. This is all hearsay, but watch for Denver retail changes!


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