Jingle Bell Rock- My World Christmas List 2009

Here’s my personal 2009 Christmas Wish List!!! They are dream pieces, but putting it on paper, er, typing it out, is also a form of self-fulfilling prophecy to have that fabulous career that enables me to buy these lovely things for myself one day…… Some things are attainable, like the nail polish, ornaments, candles, coffee table books, the perfume, which I have, but I’m just about out of, and the Anthropologie robe, wink, wink Santa! Then there are others like Miu Miu motorcycle boots and YSL Tribute Pumps that go on stewing in my dreams for that perfect day when I am flush with cash! So here they are, in no particular order, the items that are on my holiday dream list this year! Printing and placing under pillow for the big man in the red suit….

Any Fruit Ornaments for my Growing Collection- Last year I was so pleased to find a Banana Ornament!

A White Linked, Men's Inspired Watch by Chanel- I Said it was a Dream List!

Diptyque Candles- To See What all the Fuss is About

Core Power Yoga Lessons- Best Gift Last Year!

A Lucite Vanity Table to Get Primped Up At- Sooo Upper East Side!

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Pumps- Any Color- Open or Closed Toe- Gorgeous!

Joe's Chelsea Cut Jeans- The Best Skinny Leg Denim for Curvy Gals- in Hoxton Dark Blue

Chloe Boots

Chloe's Paratay Python Tote- sigh....

Leather Pants Like Ri-Ri's

A Huge Floor Length Mirror for my Living Room

Givenchy's Ange au Demon Parfume- Amazing

A Book of William Eggleston's Photography

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara

Nikon N80 Camera

A Silk Robe from Anthropologie

Hue by Kelly Wearstler- Coffee Table Book

Acne Wedges

Dark Blue Chanel Nail Polish

Grace Coddington- Coffee Table Book

Black Sequined Blazer

Kourtney Kardashian Carrying Balenciaga handbag- Courtesy of People.com

Balenciaga Handbag

Miu Miu Motorcycle Boots


One Response to “Jingle Bell Rock- My World Christmas List 2009”

  1. Jermy @ Cheap Halloween Costumes Says:

    This is an interesting blog which gives us the idea for choose a perfect dress for the upcoming Christmas. Yeah jingle bell rocks the dress which is show here looks perfect for the Christmas and ah uh the boots too it will be warm during the 24 mid night which is going to be the best day for everybody. Hope everyone enjoy the night with lots of fun. Merry Christmas..

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