Talulah Jones- Holiday Open House

And I must not forget…Talulah Jones on 17th and Downing! I used to work at this amazing boutique some years ago and still stop in every now and then; wish it was more often. You can find delicate clothes for children, and alternative toys that stand up to the test of time, rather than the sort you might find at a chain that ends in “Us.” For home there are bath mats and decorative hooks, pretty glass plates and yummy smelling soaps. For the kids there’s a big tree to sit under and read books while snuggling stuffed animals by Jelly Kat. For everyone’s eyes, there’s a jewelry case filled with pretty pieces to dress up the ears, neck and wrists! Stop in next Wednesday, December 2nd all day for a special Holiday Open House where you will certainly be impressed. Robin, Talulah’s owner, gives us a tour of the jewelry box:

Jane Hollinger Jewelry* “Jane’s simple and beautifully designed jewelry is one of the best sellers at Talulah Jones, and we were happy to find out when we made our ‘No Mined Gold’ policy that they too were a green company, and had that policy themselves since 1998. Since attending the gold exhibit last year at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and discovering the detrimental effects that gold mining has on the environment, gold suddenly did not seem so beautiful after all. But Jane only uses recycled metal in her jewelry, as well as many other great green practices.”

Jane Hollinger Earrings- Picture via her website

Alex and Ani* “This is another one of our fun jewelry lines (a bit newer) They are an eco-friendly line that creates gorgeous bracelets that are fun to wear alone or stack with others….they have a rustic feel to them that make them a must have! Around $20…they’re super affordable too!”

Alex and Ani Bracelet- Picture Courtesy of their website

Dana Kellin* “An all time favorite around Talulah Jones, her elaborate designs are truly works of art. Her jewelry is timeless….I have pieces that I purchased back when the store first opened and I still wear them today…I never get sick of them and I continue to receive complements every time I wear them! We’re excited to unvail some beautiful new pieces this season with truly spectacular stone colors….greens and blues that will simply melt your heart!”

Earrings by Dana Kellin- Courtesy of Moondance Jewelery's website

LuLu Designs* “Another California based artist that offers the most vibrant colored jewelry around. Using all re-claimed metals, her earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are truly something special! Lulu jewelry is detailed and has special little touches that mean a lot to our customers. Things as simple as a beautiful necklace that is finished off with a beautiful stone near the clasp….You can just tell there is a lot of thought that goes into her jewelry!”

Thank you so much Robin for taking the time to share a few of your favorite lines with Fashion Folio! For more information about Talulah Jones, or to hear what other lines or items are carried, please e-mail Robin.


One Response to “Talulah Jones- Holiday Open House”

  1. Carbon Microphone : Says:

    it would be much better if we could buy a Jewelry box that is gem studded.~,

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