Metro State Jewelry Pics

I stopped by the Metro State jewelry show today and thank goodness I had a couple extra dollars!!! The artists were brilliant! I loved so many things! I was able to pick out some things for me, but also a couple Christmas gifts! Gorgeous earring for $10, $13, and $15, all hand made, you cannot beat that price at any boutique! Today, Thursday November 12th, is the last day, 10 AM- 6 PM, so get over there! If you don’t attend classes on Auraria campus, you can still get the goods. Ask a pedestrain where the Metro State art building is, across from the Auraria campus libarary. Once inside the art building, you can’t miss the show- it’s on the first floor near the entrance closest to the Light Rail. Just look for the crowd of happy shoppers!


Scarves and Voo-Doo Dolls


Pretty Pendant


My Favorite Necklace! $116


Amazing Metal Work Necklace and Ring


The Rings! The Rings!


Romantic Necklace


Chain Metal Earrings In A Rainbow of Hues


Stone Necklaces-$40-$60- Gorgeous!


Porcelain and Hand Painted Earrings


Chain Metal Head Piece- Amazing on!


Cuffs by Metalsmith Candice Vostrejs


One Response to “Metro State Jewelry Pics”

  1. Bruce Says:


    Thanks for the write up, here on your blog. Metalmorphosis is having a special repeat show this week on the first and second at the Auraria Library, so you can come by and take another look.

    The chainmaille guy.

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