Daily Candy and Target Team Up

Who knew? Just when you thought Daily Candy couldn’t dominate any more e-space when it comes to letting us all know about where the hippest place to have Friday night cocktails is, or give us a riff on the new “it” designer, DC has joined up with another retail God, Target. Yes, my friends, there is now a hip little spot, “Red Hot Shop,” to be exact, on Target’s site to give you the Daily Candy dish on what’s hot at the big, red dot. Last month they featured a skirt by Heidi Merrick and Shuella Rain Boots, which look to me like a submission from that show Shark Tank where everyday people submit their business ideas. Anyway, the DC does a nice job of editing so that next time you go, red basket in hand, you may come out with just the well selected, preview pieces and not a buggy full of bs. Heidi Merrick’s L.A. designs can be seen locally at The Gallerie in Aspen and Lulu in Colorado Springs.

Heidi Merrick

A Heidi Merrick Fall '09 Design- Courtesy Heidimerrick.com


One Response to “Daily Candy and Target Team Up”

  1. Josh Says:

    Gloriana, where are the pics from “where the wild things are” art exhibit. There was some pretty interesting fashion going on there!

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