Where the Stylish Things Are!

Last Friday, I attended Illiterate Magazine’s art gallery opening on Broadway. Not only was the “Where the Wild Things Art” hanging on the walls an eyeful, but so too was the style seen on graphics designers, artists, photographers and ad people filling the space. Can I just say that copy writers have the best sense of style. Chris Reinhard wore an organic cotton jacket from Loomstate, and Jay Barker wore a pair of fabulous, YSL-looking eye glasses; which btw, were $4 frames from a bin at Flossy McGrew’s on Broadway. I unfortunately did not make it to the Goldyn fashion show; by the time we left Illiterate and drove past TAXI, it was 11 pm, empty, and the balloons, and white table cloths strewn on empty cocktail tables sent a message that I had missed a good party. So, over to a coffee shop opening on 29th and Larimer we went, to Crema. An awesome little shop, featuring the ultra romantic and lost art of the French Press. Crema owner is no newcomer to entrapaneurship; Noah Price is also the cream of the crop when it comes to Denver’s fashion scene, it turns out, he is the owner of local fave DVLP Clothing. I was over the moon to hear that Creme sources their coffee beans from the best, NOVO Coffee, another Denver company, owned by the Brodsky’s. On the corner of 29th and Larimer, I spotted what looks to be a new boutique, random, called the Strategy Room. Obviously the late hour meant no browsing for me, but I plan to stop in on a free weekend soon; from the window it appears they have designer denim and I can’t wait to check it out. Anyone with any details please comment! Just a few doors down on Larimer, we popped into Andenken Art Gallery and saw Scot Lefavor’s artwork. Lefavor’s work is amazing-mental note, must purchase a piece for my apartment before he get’s too famous and too pricey- LOVE the one with a man and his bags saying he’s getting the “F” out of here! I met so many interesting people and saw so many beautiful things Friday night, it gave me this excitement to be a Denver native. My best friend Dani Rose would have loved Friday evening. The art, the happy, easy going people, the stencils on the sidewalks, the coffee, the ideas and energy and talent in Denver. I’m so proud! Here’s a few pictures from the evening.


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    […] Quoted from  Fashion Folio […]


    […] Quoted from  Fashion Folio […]

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