Fashion De-Ad’s

One fond of advertising and copy writing, I found this interesting. The Cut blog posted about New Zealand boutique Superette’s new ads rocking gruesome shots of dead models. A girl impaled on a spiky, rod iron fence, and another, unfortunate, roller derby girl bleeding out on a staircase landing. Further digging led to a blog by a NYC copywriter, Copyranter, and it appears Superette is not original in this deathly campaign plot. Our lady of ladies, Kate Spade has done the Wizard of Oz legs sticking out stiffly to sell her shoes and stockings. Jimmy Choo has went as far as stuffing their trunk with a model to get their message across; which is what? Buy these Choos or else?


Superette Ad- Courtesy The Cut


Kate Spade Ad- Courtesy Copyranter

Jimmy Choo Ad- Courtesy Copyranter


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