Big Snow, Cozy Coffee Shop




Katherine the Hat

I was studying away this morning when I overheard an adorable blonde, in a camel hued beret, explaining to an employee at the Market how she bought six vintage hats and several hat pins, this last weekend at an antiques mall. I noticed her fabulous felt hat and had to snap a pic. Katherine, is a biology major, grew up in Adams County in the 4H club, and has a thing for vintage hats and shoes it turns out. She also admits she enjoys sewing her own clothes, but not just “stitching” together pieces of fabric, but actual tailoring. Her navy blue, wool, Pendleton coat hanging on tha back of her chair was proof she has a palette for quality craftsmanship. As I was leaving the Market, I ran into Reegan. she’s now a part time employee at one of my favorite shops on Larimer, Violet. She was bundled up in a beautiful, black down parka, but once she took it off, an amazing, thrifted, navy military jeacket was revealed. The white, ruffled blouse underneath happens to be Italian label Roberto Cavalli– lucky girl. I always find Reegan turned out in an amazing outfit, even when there’s a foot of snow, and more, falling outside. Just a couple of weeks ago I ran into Reegan on campus in violet suede booties, camera lost photo, and that said, she’ll be the perfect matchup for friendly and fashionable help at Violet. Check out their website for a chance to win a $100 shopping spree!


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