Regal Vintage

Regal Vintage Coupon- Courtesy Grun Marketing
You have five days to get your Halloween costume situated. I thought I’d share a tid bit from my e-mail box. Regal Vintage has amazing period clothing, expertly arranged by era, for men and women. Shoes, accessories and everything in between are also on site so you can pull together that Edie Sedgewick or Ozzie Osborne you’ve been looking to perfect, in one fell swoop. If you’re the type of gal who rocks vintage on a day to day like me, you’ll soon become a Regal regular. Ask James, the owner, for his styling expertise. He never fails me, and he’s well versed on vintage. The e-mail I received was for a $5 off coupon, now through October 31st, but mention I sent you and I’m betting he’ll honor it. Then, get on his e-mail list pronto. Also, there’s a $2 sale upstairs, in the back October 26th through October 31st. Who needs Fred Segal when you’ve got Regal?! Extended hours for the holdiay are 11-8 pm. Regal Vintage is on Broadway and Jewell- 1866 S. Broadway Street, Denver, CO 80210.


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