Halloween Queen

I find that the best costumes are the ones that come from your very own closet. You don’t have to be a clothes horse to pull together a great idea, it just takes a conceptual eye. I remember being Cleopatra in fifth grade. My mom braided my hair in dozens of tiny braids and put plastic beads on the ends. She sewed my gold lame dress and bedazzled my collar and sash. A couple years ago I was Rainbow Bright with my best friend, who coupled as Rainbow’s friend Shy Violet. It was so much fun! Another year I was a pregnant Britney Spears, cigarette (not lit or smoked) and Starbucks in hand. I dressed as Lelu from Fifth Element when I was 16, and a paperdoll when I was 20. This year, I was planning to dress up as a duo with my boyfriend this Halloween, as Posh and Becks. I figured, he plays soccer, I like platforms, it was the perfect combo. I thought we’d try it out this last Saturday for my mom’s 50th Birthday party, a costume party. Well, the Halloween Store, off Colorado Blvd. and Yale, had a Kate Gosselin wig, believe it or not, but the Spice Girl coif was nowhere to be seen. I ended up buying a bad, short, black bob thinking I could chop it into a VB pixie, but when I got home and tried it on, I looked more like a Jackie O in her later years, or an upper East side lady-who-lunches. So I rolled with it. I piled on the pearls, plastered on pink lipstick, and penciled on black brows. I put my driving gloves on, tube socks with black flats, leggings, and a new camel haired coat, a classic piece that I love and have worn to school and work in my normal attire, and there I was, forty years older in five minutes flat. My boyfriend and I had to stop at Safeway for a party before heading to the party. The lady handing out pineapple slices on toothpicks said, “I like your gloves,” in an empathetic tone you give to your elders. Could it be? She really thought I was an older woman? I’ll blame it on the fact that I had my sunnies on still and not that I was walking around pigeon toed and hunching. Regardless, it was fun, and it wasn’t sexy. No sexy kitten, no sexy maid, or sexy devil here ladies. Confidence and fun, that’s the key to Halloween! So get out there, be imaginative, and keep the butt cheeks for the pool. I’ll be using the black bob this Saturday as well for my first hosted Halloween party, sorry, this is under wraps. For other ideas, the Victoria’s Secret angel herself, Heidi Klum, trades her wings for wigs annually at her elaborate parties. Heidi Klum’s Halloween costumes never disappoint, and the celeb attendence hold their own too. Marc Jacobs’ annual Holiday costume parties are original, to say the least, and would be worth a gander to get you inspired.
Local inspiration from friends-Gilly from Saturday Night Live, mocking the “sexy” theme, a Sexy Trash Bag, and if you’re in a group, the Buffalo Exchange crew dressed as crayons a couple weekends ago.
Glorianna as Gladys
Heidi Klum's Costume- Google Images
Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy in Costume- Courtesy Purse Blog/ Google Images


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