“Let ‘Em Have It”

I had a chance to meet with the very talented Denver fashion designer, Fallene Wells, of “Let ‘Em Have It.” Sewing since 11, Wells started her line three years ago. The name came to her from a World War II propaganda poster, and the red haired cutie thought it summed up her “in your face” designs. Wells, a Las Vegas native, is also the designer behind the annual Forever Darling designer show benefiting the Autism Speaks organization. She held her last annual show at the Mile High Station events space on September 10th, along with ten other featured Denver designers. Wells last collection took inspiration from a photo she saw of Twiggy in a Paris train station during the 60’s. The floppy hat and wide legged trousers that Twiggy wore played muse for Wells’ fall line. Her pieces can be found at Fabric Lab on Colfax, but watch for her line to launch on it’s own website soon. As a full time hair stylist at Synergy Salon, it’s a balancing act to find time to sew, but her annual shows never disappoint, proving her talent and eye for design are well received in the community. She scours E-Bay and Denver Fabrics for vintage fabrics, and is a frequent at Fancy Tiger, where she found the buttons for her fabulous tunic that she wore to our coffee meeting at Pablo’s Coffee, 6th and Washington, Friday night. I would love this cape-like tunic with sleeves for fall! If you’re interested in making an appointment to view Fallene Wells’ look book and potentially place a custom order, you can phone her at 720.201.1897. Her “punchy” designs are on my radar and she’s definitely a Denver designer to keep a look out for.

Fallene Wells Design

Fallene Wells Design

Fallene Wells- in herown design and F21 jeans

Fallene Wells- in herown design and F21 jeans


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