Cowboy Boots Before The Cold Snap

My Old Boots...

My Old Boots...



I really love cowboy boots! My boyfriend hates thes boots ofmine, but every timeI wearthem I get so many compliments. This picture makes me see how loved they are and how much they need a visit to the cobbler. They’re just the perfect shoe because they’re dressy, yet casual, and comfy!!! These are from the Nordstrom Rack about 3 years ago. Lisa from Interpersonal Communication had perfect carmel boots on one day in September. I must get a picture of her winter boots that she’s been sporting lately. Lisa has cute, clean cut, crisp style and there have been a couple days that I’ve wanted to snap herup, but class always ends and itnever seemslike the right timeto bombard her. Despite the cold snap though, I may still rock my cowboy boots, I’m not ready to throw in the towel on them just yet.


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