Facebook Fasion Friday!

If you live in Denver and you’re into fashion, then you know Fashion Denver and you know Brandi Shigley. In fact, most of you who are reading this are probably friends with her on Facebook yourself, and therefore understand why she’s a Facebook Fashion Friday extraordinaire. Shigley lives by the motto, “Do what you love.Love what you do.” Taking a look at her calendar pages you see that Shigley truly is a visionary who is clearly in the driver seat of living her life to the fullest. Hosting Blingo games at Sputnik on Monday nights, and putting together Spontaneous Fun at Meadowlark, signing in her new band B.Sous last week at the Walnut Room and organizing another exciting fall fashion market for Fashion Denver at Taxi this Sunday, October 11th, it’s no surprise that a talented busy body like Brandi is as fashionable as her events. I remember first meeting her at a boutique opening in the Highlands a few years ago, she was designing purses at the time, which have been photographed in ID magazine and Colorado Weddings, and since that first meeting she’s carried this transparency with her, this optimism and positivity that has inspired me to “do what I love,” and write about fashion. In doing my fact checking about Shigley, I thought the press article from our beloved Rocky Mountain News Spotlight section, R.I.P. RMN, from 2008, says a lot about the girl behind the glasses. Shigley’s purse contents are a lot like me. Minus the kickball socks and lucky rabbit, they say she’s a fan of Moleskin notebooks for random bursts of inspiration, and Matt & Nat, a vegan brand from Montreal specializing in wallets and handbags, and ironically the handbag I’ve been carrying the last couple days, (I had purchased it from the Red Door Swingin’, which is unfortunately no more, and also unfortunately, Matt & Nat got too big for boutiques and is now carried at places like Nordstrom). But it is the article from CNN that describes her greatest qualities, which make her a strong advocate for local designers, and adorable little fashion mascot for our city. Come meet Brandi Shigley and a dozen more local designers this Sunday in the TAXI, 3457 Ringsby Court, for Fashion Denver’s fall fashion market. $5 admission goes to Youth Biz. 10am-4pm.

Brandi Shigle- Courtesy Facebook

Brandi Shigle- Courtesy Facebook

Brandi Shigley- Courtesy Facebook

Brandi Shigley- Courtesy Facebook

Brandi Shigley- Courtesy Facebook

Brandi Shigley- Courtesy Facebook

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