Painting the Town Red

A Denver pin-up, hair stylist’s bachelorette party in Denver consists of bar hopping along Colfax and Uptown, dotting from Atomic Cowboy, on over to the Horseshoe Lounge. Typing that out, and reading it back, it might seem to an outsider that Denver’s bar scene is filled with hicks and line dancing, but little do non-Denverites know what we know- that bald strangers are open to letting them apply faux tatoos to their heads, guys are eager to drop trou and snap their snake with your dice, and a bar filled with Rachel Zoe Project’s Brad Goreski look alikes has one guy shirtless and getting spanked, bare butt, bent over a 70’s sofa while 80’s tunes are spun; this is what actually goes down in drinking holes with Western monikers, at least last night anyway. The future bride to be, Grace Salazar trapsed around town in a perfect red satin dress from Fashion Nation. The blue haired bride, her “something blue” has been visiting The hip store since high school. Without giving away the blushing bride’s age, Fashion Nation has been situated on 13th and Pennsylvania since 1987, and has the most extensive selection of Dr. Martins shoes and punk gear in Denver. Here’s a few pics from the scene last night, what I can post anyway- the rest will have to be left up to your imagination. Dedicated to the future Mrs. Grace Salazer Mukayess, and a lifetime of happiness shared with her pin-up King.


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