Pink Eye



Proenza Schouler Spring 2010- Photo Courtesy Rag Pony Blog

Proenza Schouler Spring 2010- Photo Courtesy Rag Pony Blog

Pink and eye in tandem usually doesn’t mean anything but a painful eye condition needing attention, but all over the Spring 2010 NY fashion week runway shows, pink eyes kept showing up. So, to put a lid on it…I suggest trying the bubble gum tint on come spring, instead of the black, rocker eyes we’ve been smudging on for a while now. I do love me a black eye, but natural, rosey, dewey face is always a plus for the boys. They always seem to prefer a girl without makeup, have you noticed? My boyfriend’s favorite look on me is a pink eye. Now, I have to plug my big sis as she’s a makeup guru! She always has been and I used to love raiding her mint green Caboodles growing up! She collected colored ink gel pens, like she collected bold hued shadows and lipsticks, hoarding them in her desk drawers, dresser drawers, her purses. She had what seemed to be dozens! Last February, I visited NYC and fell in love with the Anna Sui store in Soho, and even more so with her makeup line. I love her rose lipstick in Sui Rouge. I brought my sister back an eyeshadow palette of turquoise, greens and a peachy, orange to keep her fired up about her own makeup line, Clarinda Cosmetics. Well, my sister has taken her passion for makeup to the next level and I am very proud to say she has launched Clarinda Cosmetics. Her talent for predicting color palletes is shockingly, spot on with the runway! Her products are all natural, pure quality, full of heart, beautiful, oh, and did I mention local?! Visit www.

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