Facebook Fashion Friday!!!

This week’s pick is Anya Strauss! She’s always striking a pose and flashing her amazing smile, (makes me wish for a set of veneers). She rocks a fedora frequently, and kills it in fluorescent 80’s shades you’d find at a gas station, all the while looking like a model! She’s into fun- be it concerts, recently hitting up Monolith at Red Rocks, clubs, a frequent at Suite 200, and friends- carefree seems to be her personality, and it shows in her style. From leather jackets, to coral colored, tunics and yellow peg jeans with rainbow tees, peacock printed dresses, and her signature blond tresses, Anya is a Denver fashion hit. Anya is on top of the Denver social scene and a LikeMe.net connoisseur. To see more about where Anya shops, and the resti’s she digs around the Mile-High, look her up on Denver based social networking site, w

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