Stuck on Staccato Shoes

Purple + Kitty= Staccato Purrfection

Purple + Kitty= Staccato Purrfection

I was leaving Globalization Communication class today, and while winding up my laptop cord, I noticed a classmates footwear- precious, open toe flats, purple with silver cat heads peering up at me fromthe concrete floor. Jenny is an adorable, exchange student from Bejing and she’s always sporting some cute piece, but today her shoes really caught my eye. She told me the name of the brand, but I had never heard of it. A typical Aries, and one not up for waiting patiently for an e-mail of the correct spelling of the brand, I was pleased that my guesses in Google search produced positive results. They are Staccato! Turns out, they are a huge shoe brand in China, and to verify, according to a 2007 Reuters article, “Belle International Holdings, China’s top retailer of women’s shoes, whose Belle and Staccato shoes are prominent in upscale Shanghai department stores.” You can visit their website directly and see the entire collection of cute, comfort shoes at China has Staccato, US has Naturalizer for comfort shoe category- hmmm….It has also been said recently that the Spring 2010 NY shows showed a lot of flat, footwear. Vogues Sally Singer is quoted in an NPR article, “I’m always looking to see where our lifestyles are going, and how fashion is going to go there first and get us there. … Right now, a kind of efficient approach to dressing with some humor to it and with … a shoe that doesn’t kill you to walk in is a very, very good thing,” she says. The article referenced Marc Jacob’s falt footed models. The sky-high, “hooker shoes,” as my boyfriend likes to call them, are still very in, but the need for practical, cute, comfortable flats, will never go away.
To view the full NPR article, go to www.

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