Theatrical Show at Marc Jacobs

NY Magazine Pic

NY Magazine Pic

NY Magazine Pic

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NY Magazine Pic

NY Magazine Pic

I know that Marc Jacobs is a creative, fashion forward designer, but I can’t lie, I hated his Spring show. Everyone from Anna Wintour of Vogue, Lady Gaga, and Madonna came, but fooled I am not, for believing that just because the runway was lined with celebrities, a great show does not neccessarily always equate. Some of the gettups were so ridiculous and ill fitting, I could see why Lady Gaga was in invited, a preview of costumes for hertour perhaps. Maybe Marc’s wedding plans have taken his attention away from designing his Sprin 2010 collection, or perhaps his attention was verymuch in tune- to creating Lady Gaga’s personal look book rather than on the everyday American woman. I don’t see any of this translating well. Electric blue silk pajamas? One, lonely, army green military coat out of nowhere? Ruffles on the outer thighs of pants and shorts that would only add weight to the heaviest part a woman? Very disappointing. To see the whole collection visit http://www.n

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