The Denver Sartorialist II

I was at the Market today- a European-style coffee shop and cafe on Larimer Street, my favorite hang out- and I decided to wander next door to Victoriana, the antique jewelery store where I stumbled upon the most stylish of store manager’s a couple weeks ago, Cade Johnson. Today, I went inside and sized up antique diamond and cocktail rings from the art deco period. A girl can dream can’t she? I absolutely love wedding bands from the 20’s and 30’s and Victoriana has a few sparklers to lust over from this period. Cade did not fail to feed my sartorialist bite, with his vest, pocket chain, and today, a perfect scarf and rolled denim. Turns out, Cade also has a knack for jewelery, taking after his grandfather, Dave Prebble, the owner. Cade has his own little vanity filled with his vintage re-works, cleverly called, Tour de Feux. A perfect little nook of lookers that are within a student’s price range! He’s also in a band, and made his own messenger bag from fabric found at Fancy Tiger on Broadway. Cade is truly a unique individual with an eye for design clearly inherited. The funny thing is, he doesn’t even own a computer and hasn’t seen the first post I did of him. That’s the best artistic canvas though- un-tainted and cluttered from bloggers like me! Cade is truly tres original!


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