Rachel Zoe at Curve

Rachel Zoe
Last night’s episode of Rachel Zoe had a surprise visit from the Calvin Klein model Natalia Vodianova who was discovered at a fruit stand in Russia and is now married to a Brit, living a fantasy life, and a mother of three beautiful toe heads. How three humans came out of Natalia’s body is the eighth wonder of the world, but she still can rock a sequined mini and we love her anyway. Rachel Zoe is hilarious and her commentary just makes me smile. See her video here of fall fashion trends at Curve boutique in L.A. Her comment about acid wash denim making a come back is dead on, honest and makes me smirk. Zoe’s personality is always her own, whether you love her or hate her, you can’t deny, she always says something aloud that you’ve thought about yourself. Her love of crystals and sparkles makes me want to get a pair of sequined pants, but I do know where to draw the line, like Zoe says, they’re not for everyone. And one moreembellished cuff never hurt anyone, “Because more, is more.” Rachel Zoe.


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