Who is Natalie Joos?

Jak & Jil's Photo

Jak & Jil's Photo

The Sartorialist's Photo

The Sartorialist's Photo

After seeing both The Sartorialist, and Jak & Jil post on their respective blogs pictures of Natalie Joos, I was provoked to do a quick Google investigation. Turns out, the Belgian bombshell is a fashion photography casting agent. Her bio is inspirational and gives a small town girl like me a boost to keep on bloggin’. You never know where your passion will take you! For Miss Joos, it took her from Belgium, to the London College of Fashion, to meeting designer Maria Chen, who then offered her a PR position in NYC, to meeting Glenn O’Brien where she morphed into his personal assistant, to networking and landing a gig as Craig McDean’s first Studio Manager, to recently starting her own, tres successful, casting company in New York! Whew! It says a lot about her personality that she can take on so many different positions, yes, but more importantly that so many people find her that intriguing and likeable that they want her to work for them. Talented and personable- she must have both to be such a successful gal. Her client list speaks for itself. You can bet I will be following Joos here, to forward. For more click here.



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