Gsus Dress

Gsus Dress

If you haven’t heard of Gsus, let me tell you now. I first discovered this awesome label at the late boutique, Hub, which used to be Square One, situated on Larimer Square. The unique label always has amazing story lines, like space monkeys or ballerinas printed on knit sweaters. Gsus heralds from the Netherlands, and as their website notes, “It all started out in a skate shop in Arnhem,back in 1993. The streetwear scene was still in its early years but was in need of bit of fresh thinking. We started out with a couple of tight fit tees to which we applied some (at the time) very funky prints (you could actually use the word funky back then). We then moved on to make a pair of pinstripe cargo pants and as the cherry on the pie we made the (in)famous fur bikini. Before long, the shop had become our very own laboratory and the brand gsus was born. We sold the first couple of collections out of a car trunk and then moved into our first real office building (old warehouse) in Amsterdam.” I love this dress with skating penguins! Browse their site and see why I fell for the kitschy label.


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