“It’s On With Alexa Chung”

Alexa Chung-NY Times

Alexa Chung-NY Times

The girl from Britain, who came so smitten, to take over the Big Apple you see. She’s 25, model high, and here to reign over MTV. Be ready to track the fashion trends, on the daily talk show that tweets and befriends. Randi Zuckerberg, creative director at Facebook remarked to the NY Times, “I have not seen a show integrate social networking as deeply as ‘It’s On’ intends to do.” Here’s the picture that accompanied the NY Times article, taken by Beatrice Gea, of Alexa Chung in her Williamsburg apartment. I love the shoes! Believe they’re Marni… and they look comfy enough to wear strolling around Williamsburg and into Black Sparrow for a coffee. I really want to take a stab at wearing socks with open toe shoes this fall, and even more daring, possibly little brown ankle socks at that. In the September Vogue on stands now, there’s a spread that showcases little, brown socks with heels. I look forward to Alexa Chung’s tweets and feets!


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