Shop Goldyn Showroom Party

Last night was the launch party of Shop Goldyn’s showroom space in the TAXI off Ringsby court. If you haven’t been to this part of Denver- go! This is a contemporary, mixed-use space, with cutting edge companies posted up in spacious warehouses. I discovered that a fabulous eatery called Fuel Cafe is in the Taxi. Houses, an awesome, Denver-bred band, played in the parking lot and Boulder-based Vodka 14 served up stellar libations. I caught Charlotte, an adorable photographer who also works at Rule Art Galleryon Broadway, (corrected), towards the end of the evening. Christy Kruzic is a gorgeous model who was part of the “living fashion show” which meant she pranced her perfect frame around the showroom in Goldyn frocks. She’s a fellow Czech feline who is also a talented professional by day at Half Moon doing production. Christy also used to have a very popular music blog, and I hope I’ve convinced her to start it up again! Danny Newman, her handsome fellow, was in my graduating class at Denver School of the Arts, and it was nice running into him. Tonight is our ten year reunion! I know you’re all doing the math, but I will point out that I just had just turned 16 when I graduated. So, shall I, or shan’t I go…. It would be good to hear what our talented comrades have been up to.


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