Fall is Upon Us: Vogue’s September Issue Is On-and In-The Stands

Last night my friend invited me to the premiere of the movie The September Issue. The theater filled with Denver fashion elite buzzed with excitment up until the dimming of the lights and Anna Wintour appearing on the big screen. The bible of the fashion community and aspiring and hopeful young women the world around sat, staring at this woman, who had a voice, who had a home, who had unpolished fingernails and had Starbucks coffee. The movie made the magazine become that much more glorious and inspirational. The American Vogue editor Anna Wintour exposed, on film, revealing her unequivocal eye for fashion and her efficiency and business panache to get a fashion magazine to press. The real Vogue halls were uncovered; Anna Wintour’s office looked much like that of Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada, which was largely based on life at Vogue. Though common perception of the bobbed icon is that of a cold, lonely woman, we see that when she’s in the room with her daughter, Bee Schaefer, her face lights up. Anna Wintour is quoted as saying that her weakness would be, “my children.” Another fascinating interpersonal relationship profiled in the film was that of Anna Wintour’s and Grace Coddington, the creative director for Vogue, who have worked side by side at American Vogue for 20 years; (they started on the same day). The sisterly connection, stubbornness, and the love for fashion deeply ingrained in the two British-born women is shared to the public and in the end we see the immense respect they hold for each other. This morning on the train I opened my September 2009 issue and in the front, under Contributors, I saw Grace Coddington and felt like I knew her personally after having seen the movie. Grace Coddington’s creative genius is something that we should cherish as Voguettes and fear losing, supposing that the dreadful day might come when she may decide to pass the torch. Until then, pick up your September issue. My favorite spread is the Little Red Riding Hood series with Natalia Vodianova. The coat series is spectacular as well- the Marni purple coat with metal detail is a dream.

Anna Wintour- Courtesy Google Images

Anna Wintour- Courtesy Google Images


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