Cultural Collision with Korean Fashion

Beary Fun

Beary Fun

In an attempt to share fashion news with you all, primarily a Denver-based audience, I am also challenging myself to focus on global fashion and trends and brands from other cultures, other than the Abercrombie-ized U.S. I had a prefect serendipitous moment today with inter-cultural fashion when I was crossing Larimer Street on my way to yet another bookstore. Jiayu Dong is from China, and was wearing a perfect pair of denim with interesting zipper pockets, a camouflauge pair of DC skate shoes, matching camo backpack by Nike, but the t-shirt is what caught my eye. Not just any tee my friends, but a shirt by Korean high fashion label “Teenie Weenie” with a silk-screened bear across the chest. I was fascinated to hear about this new discovery! The pink tee with a sophisticated, looking Build-a-Bear on it turns out to be a huge cultural phenomena in Korea, much like that of a little white cat we have come to know as Ms. Kitty is to Japan, and now the U.S. I was able to research a little online and found another blogger, Jesse of, who was traveling in Korea and stumbled across said bear, Mr. Teenie Weenie. Yes, the translation to English can be perceived differently than intended, I’m sure. Jesse explains it as being, “High fashion Korea. Think Diesel meets Lacoste for a Korean love child.” Jiayu, the afternoon’s meeting, is an Economics major and fittingly wears his pink “Teenie Weenie” tee with a slogan, “The Academic Enthusiasm,” stamped on it-with a bear wearing a sideways baseball cap of course.


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