Behind the Goldyn Curtain There’s a Girl: Vanessa Barcus

Vanessa Barcus is the master buyer behind the dot com retailer, Shop Goldyn.  She’s Boulder bred, currently resides in Riverfront, has worked for Trovata in L.A., and has killer style.  I met her a couple years ago while writing for, and we’ve kept in touch since.  Now she’s prepping for Goldyn’s big debut with bricks and mortar in the Taxi district off Ringsby court coming up this Friday, August 28th.  The busy, business minded Barcus was able to chat with me yesterday over coffee at Ink in Riverfront.  In response to where Denver’s fashion scene is as of now, “Trends get here faster because of the internet, but Denver will always be influenced by the sports scene.  Comfort is still key.”  She says the snowboarder/skater culture and music are big trend triggers in the Mile High city, but does see that people do still dress up after dark.  She does all the buying for from New York, hence the dressier, more tailored feel of the labels hosted on the site.  She can’t keep Rebecca Minkoff handbags or Kain label tees in stock, and the Fidelity denim, the Canadian line that is washed in a silk resin, has a cult following.  What is she excited most about for fall incoming shipments?  Heimstone, a young, hip, Parisian label of frilly frocks yummy enough for dinner at Tag, and Thurley dresses, an Aussie label by Helen O’Connor whose craftsmanship and use of rare materials create signature pieces.   Vanessa incorporates her buys for the store into her own wardrobe, naturally.  What I’m excited about for fall, the booties by Loeffler Randall that she wore to Bobby’s backyard party last night, only in snakeskin! Visit

Vanessa Barcus

Vanessa Barcus

Loeffler Randall Booties

Loeffler Randall Booties

Vanessa: Coffee Shop Cute

Vanessa: Coffee Shop Cute


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