Facebook Fashion Friday (FFF)

I am always inspired by street fashion I see from friend’s posts on their Facebook pages.  So here is the debut of Facebook Fashion Friday, or FFF.  Aleksandra Savic is the first person I thought of who has impeccable fashion sense in her everyday appearance.  Whether she’s snapped at brunch, a club, or coffee, she’s always that girl you could have tore out of the pages of Nylon.  When I met up with her in Tribeca back in February she was rocking a fedora, gray skinny jeans, and a Diesel knit sweater.  I am a Diesel disciple, having also had the chance to work there last year, and I too had brought a Diesel dress along with me that trip.  Aleksandra, a Serbian bombshell, attended University of Colorado in Denver for marketing; she moved to NYC earlier this year.  In Denver, she modeled and was a talented marketer and promoter.  She’s not making a name for herself in NYC, she’s had that all along, NYC is just now making her acquaintance.  Meet Aleksandra Savic.

How to do a headband.

How to do a headband.

Tailored Tank

Tailored Tank


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