Cruiser Patrol

I am in search of a cruiser!  Chanel and Fendi have jumped on the cruiser trend, but my budget is in a lower gear.  Looking for a vintage find.  I thought I had found a connection through my hairdresser’s brother, but it never panned out.  If anyone has a source let me know! So, I am always adoring, and slightly envying, cute gals on their two-wheelers.  I spotted Courtney on her green Schwin outside the science building on campus, with her book back in the basket and her oversize shades, I couldn’t resist snapping her.  She’s a grad student studying early childhood education.  I think the kiddies will love her playfulness!

Green with Envy

Green with Envy

Luxe Wheelin' by Fendi

Luxe Wheelin' by Fendi


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