Jump Day

Wednesday, August 19th, day 2 of fall semester.  Seems like there are twice the number of students on Auraria campus in fall semester!  Lot’s of fashion eye candy!  Today I wore a plaid romper, with a black rope belt and gray, low, comfy sandals.  I noticed a plethra of plaid out there today!  Long button downs with leggings, blouses and dresses.  I also spotted Howzien, yes that’s her real, fabulous name, in between classes.  She’s a junior, a writer, and has that M.I.A. kind of sneaker-head/dj look- hot! Love her mix of purple and red, and she knows how to rock a jumper ladies!  Funny thing is, I almost busted out  my romper with some brown, Diesel high tops today! 


4 Responses to “Jump Day”

  1. hawzien Says:

    I love your blog

    • gschinagl Says:

      Thanks doll! I admire your style! Tell your friends! Hope you visit again! Please tell me of any fashion news or tidbits you hear. I love hearing from peeps!

  2. maebel Says:

    wooweee thats a sexy bitch!

  3. hawzien Says:

    For sure. I’m actually trying to do the same thing with my life (fashion/writing/photography). I just don’t know where to start. I think buying a camera would be my best bet.

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