Good “Gracious Lupita”

I love statement earrings, and I found a stunning pair of dangles recently.  Gracious Lupita is a local designer in the Highlands.  Made from vintageestate-style pieces, modernity is pumped into these rock star adornments.  I have long, dark hair so for me, stand-out earrings are a necessity, andthey’re the last think I put on before walking out the door to feel completely put together.  I fell in love with this pair of golden, punkyearrings with pine seed-sized discs that catch tons of light.  With Gracious Lupita, you’re sure to find a one of a kind piece that is of course unless you were to find a duo for your lobes!  Check out The Perfect petal off 32nd and Lowell for Gracious Lupita designs and other fab jewelery.  The Perfect Petal hosts a smashing jewelery trunk show every third Thursday, making August 20th, this week, the next show.  The August theme, “Luxe for the Lux!”  The Leos will roar!!!

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal


One Response to “Good “Gracious Lupita””

  1. Madeleine O'Connell Says:

    I was thrilled to find this! I create “Gracious Lupita”. I am also debuting a new jewelry line, “Black Poodle” which will be sold at Posh in Larimer Square (New store from the owners of the Perfect Petal.) “Black Poodle” will be the more “over-the-top” and edgy pieces. Posh is having a friends and family champagne opening on Tues. evening, May 25, and will be open to the public on Wednesday with a public grand opening celebration on June 8. I also am building a website for my jewelry and my paintings: If you are interested, I would love to have you over to my studio sometime and show you my massive stash of goodies.

    Thank you for your lovely comments! – Madeleine

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