Hossana aka “U.N.” Post Turkish Holiday Garb

Hossana and I met while working together at a clothing retail store a couple years ago.  We became fast friends, both having an interest and appreciation for other cultures.  She’s from Ethiopia, and at the time I was dating someone from Libya.  She’s lithe like Liya Kebede and a total muse for incorporating pieces of cultural flair into a casual, everyday wardrobe- on a student’s budget!  Her bouncy coif can be spotted on the Auraria campus where she’s a student at CU Denver, or at Starbucks on Colorado. (Yes, the “International” Starbucks where you can here 5 different languages on the patio.) Her nickname, “The UN” says it all.  The social butterfly has close friends from every continent and currently works at an African refugee center in downtown Denver.  She just got back from a summer jaunt in Turkey, and we met up for coffee to catch up- the evil eye hanging from her neck could not keep away a fashion lover’s gawk.  Take a look at the accessories.  An over-sized men’s watch and a revamped ring that she added a charm to.


One Response to “Hossana aka “U.N.” Post Turkish Holiday Garb”

  1. Rubina Says:

    Totally agree! hossana has great sense of fashion and she’s not only beautiful inside but from outside as well. Everyone just loves her. She’s like a supermodel ^___^

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